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Unity Glass 

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Experience the fascinating and exciting art form of hot glass blowing. Discover the unique qualities of molten glass as you  manipulate it to create a  one-of-a–kind piece. All classes are private and you work beside an experienced instructor. No prior experience is necessary to enroll and participate in available classes. ​

Memorial Glass

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Mind Blown Studio takes a different approach to unity sand. The sand you pour is actually glass frit or glass crystals. After the ceremony the frit is hand blown by our own gaffer into a beautiful; one of a kind, glass bowl or vase to be treasured forever.

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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 
& Saturday

Our Latest Works

Located in the heart of historic Deadwood, SD this retro Texaco station now houses a hot glass blowing studio. The service bays have been rejuvenated into a hot glass shop where spectators can watch molten glass transformed into glass while enjoying hot coffee, beer, wine , and a variety of cold drinks.  

The cremated ashes of your loved one or pet is respectfully added to molten glass and then gradually transformed into a beautiful custom paperweight. This item provides a unique and endearing memorial dedicated to the memories of your loved one.

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73 Sherman Street 

Deadwood, SD 57732