​Solid Experience

Flower $45.00 Ages 7+
Heart Paperweight $45.00 Ages 7+
Paperweight $70.00 Ages 7+

You will experience manipulating molten glass with metal and wood tools to create solid glass. An assortment of colored glass is provided to personalize your design. Solid Glass / 20 minutes

Blown Experience
Ornament $55.00 Ages 7+
During this experience you will work with molten glass and be assisted to manipulate and blow glass to create an ornament.
Blown Glass / 20 minutes

Gaffer Experience
Drinking Glass $90.00 Ages 14+
Jar $130.00 Ages 18+
Bowl/ Vase $150.00 Ages 18+
During this advanced experience, you will be assisted to manipulate glass using a variety of metal tools, add color, reheat, form, and blow out a glass vessel.
Blown Glass / 40 minutes

· Wear closed toed shoes (you will NOT be able to take class without)
·  Safety glasses will be provided

· Water is available for purchase or bring your own 
· $25.00 non-refundable deposit to schedule class 
· $40 reschedule fee will be charged per person
· No refunds will be issued on scheduled experiences ·
· We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime if instructor finds them to be disruptive or a danger to self or others   

Glass has its own personality and sometimes the cooling process from hot to cold affects the glass. Even with all necessary steps taken to prevent cracking, there is still a possibility that the glass will crack.  Mind Blown Studio is not responsible for cracking of individual pieces.

All glass pieces must cool overnight on site.
Your glass creation will be ready for
the scheduled class, Or the glass piece can be shipped for an additional charge.
(not responsible for breakage during shipping)


After careful consideration Mind Blown Studio has suspended glass blowing classes through the summer. We are sorry for any disappointment, but with Covid-19 cases rising throughout the U.S., we believe this decision is in the best interest of all. Again thank you for your support.

Make Your Own Glass

73 Sherman Street 

Deadwood, SD 57732


Experience it!

Experience the fascinating and exciting art form of hot glass blowing. Discover the unique qualities of molten glass as you manipulate it to create a one-of-a-kind souvenir. All experiences are private and you work individually with the instructor. No prior experience is necessary to enroll and participate. By appointment only, walk-ins on availability.
Spectators welcome!
The Pump House at Mind Blown Studio offers a variety of espresso, soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, breakfast items, etc.